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Amazon Launchpad is a unique programme that showcases cutting-edge products from startups like yours to millions of Amazon customers.

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How we accelerate your success

We make it easy for startups like yours to launch new products on Amazon and get them discovered. We use Amazon’s world-class ecommerce expertise, global infrastructure, and powerful marketing tools to help you tell your story and deliver your products to millions of potential customers. Our team is invested in your success, allowing you more time to focus on innovating and growing your business.

Launch Faster

We help you get your products to market quickly, from account setup to your first sale. Take advantage of Amazon’s fulfillment network to launch fast and with a bigger impact.

Get Discovered

No matter the size of your company, we’ll enable you to boost your business with a wide range of marketing support and PR opportunities to help your products get discovered.

Build Your Brand

Our custom made Amazon Launchpad product detail pages showcase unique content that helps you tell your story and connect with customers globally.

Go Global

Amazon Launchpad is a global programme. So when you’re ready to take your business to new marketplaces, we can help you take advantage of Amazon’s world-class fulfilment, trusted customer service, and Prime delivery benefits across the world.

Our Global Network

We’re proud to work with a growing list of startup ecosystem partners including venture capitalists, accelerators, incubators and crowdfunding platforms to help us identify new, inspired, and cutting-edge products for the world to discover.

Our Global Network

We’re proud to work with a growing list of startup ecosystem partners including venture capitalists, accelerators, incubators and crowdfunding platforms to help us identify new, inspired, and cutting-edge products for the world to discover.

Startup India

Startup India is a flagship initiative of the Government of India, intended to build a string eco-system for nurturing innovation and Startups in the country that will drive sustainable economic growth and generate large scale employment opportunities. The Government through this initiative aims to empower Startups to grow through innovation and design.

Knowledge Bank

Utilize our knowledge resources for investor engagement, to understand how to set up a business in India, Company registration, Innovation & business, etc.

Learn & Development

Enroll in the different courses to enhance your entrepreneurial skills such as Amazon Web Services, android programming, Supply chain analysis, etc.

Tools & Templates

In addition to learning & development tools, you can also leverage Startup India's self-service HR, Legal templates, Pitch deck guidelines to build your business.

Government schemes

Avail industry relevant R&D services to scale up your business idea. Have access to a vast library of research papers, submit proposals and get them reviewed by the Science & Research Board.

Market research

Get access to a vast collection of research documents in the fields of the startup ecosystem, namely, investment, Fintech, Internet of things, etc.

Launch on Amazon easily

Once you apply and are accepted into the programme, you can quickly get started with Amazon Launchpad.

Step One

Register as an Amazon Launchpad seller through Seller Central*, our online service for managing your Amazon seller account. After completing your seller verification you will work with our dedicated team to build and integrate your basic product listing information.

Step Two

Deliver your products to Amazon’s fulfilment centres.

Step Three

Upload creative assets , including product descriptions, photos, videos, and your unique story.

Step Four

Sign the Launchpad addendum, pay the program fees online, and get started!

That’s it! With all the right parts and pieces in place, we will work together to help your products get discovered by our customers.
Get ready to watch your business grow.

* Click here to learn more about how Amazon Seller Central works.

Still Have Questions?

Why Amazon Launchpad?

We often hear from startups that bringing a new product to customers can be just as challenging as building it. At Amazon Launchpad, we’re collaborating with crowdfunding platforms, venture capitalists, and startup accelerators to solve the sales and distribution problems every startup faces. We support these young companies with Amazon’s global selling and expertise so they can stay focused on product innovation. The Amazon Launchpad program will help startups bring exciting new products to our customers.

Which products/ startups are eligible to participate in the Amazon Launchpad program??

Amazon Launchpad requires startups to have a market ready, consumer facing, physical product available to ship now or within 30 days. We are primarily considering startups funded or supported by our network partners, crowdfunding platforms, venture capital firms and startup accelerators. If your startup is unfunded or supported by a company that is currently outside of our network, we’ll evaluate your application on a case-by-case basis.

How are Amazon Launchpad startups treated differently than other Amazon sellers?

We appreciate that startups have different needs than more established companies. Amazon Launchpad has been designed to meet these needs while giving you the marketing benefits typically reserved for our more established Amazon sellers, from day one. We’ll help you create story-telling opportunities for you to talk about your products using larger images, videos and custom product detail pages, and merchandise them across Amazon and on our program storefront to ensure they are discoverable to our customers. All this, of course, is on top of the standard Amazon benefits - access to millions of loyal global customers, Amazon’s world-class fulfilment infrastructure, trusted customer service and delivery benefits.

How much does it cost to participate?

Startups joining the Amazon Launchpad program will pay an applicable program participation fee in addition to the standard referral fee.

How can Amazon Launchpad help me introduce my products in Global marketplaces?

When you’re ready to scale your business outside of India, we can leverage Amazon’s presence in marketplaces around the world to help you establish international distribution, subject to regulatory and Amazon policy compliance.

Can existing sellers participate?

Yes, existing sellers can be considered to participate in the Amazon Launchpad program. Complete our program application form and we will get back to you within two weeks.

Does Amazon Launchpad guarantee any sales increase to us?

No. We cannot guarantee any sales increase. However we can provide relevant inputs/insights and guide you to maintain operational excellence that might help you grow on the platform.

What if I have additional questions?

If you have additional questions about the Amazon Launchpad program, you can get in touch with our team by clicking Contact us