Talk to Alexa from the Alexa App

With the latest version of the Alexa app for Android and iOS, you can talk to Alexa and use supported Alexa features—like news, weather, Q&A, smart home, skills, and more—directly through the app.

Compatible Devices

At this time, the Alexa app supports Alexa voice interaction only on Android and iOS devices (running Android OS 5.0+ or iOS 9.0+). To learn how to get or update the Alexa app, go to Download the Amazon Alexa App.

Note: Alexa voice interaction is not supported on the Alexa web app (, or the Alexa app installed on Fire tablets.

Talk to Alexa

To activate Alexa, open the Alexa app and tap the Alexa button Alexa Button 
		  in the navigation bar (at the bottom of your screen).

Whenever you activate Alexa, your screen automatically switches to voice mode, with a blue light bar at the bottom. This screen stays open while Alexa listens and responds to your request.

You can use the Cancel Voice Session Button 
		  button to exit voice mode.

Response Cards

Response cards show on your screen whenever you’ve activated certain features, including:

  • Weather
  • Traffic
  • Movies & Showtimes
  • Sports Update
  • Q&A
  • Shopping
  • Lists
  • Calendars

Response cards work differently than the voice interaction cards on the home screen of the Alexa app, and may include on-screen options you can use to view more information using your internet browser.

You can use the X button at the top of a response card to close it. You can also swipe down on your screen, or use the Back button on your device.

Supported Features

Alexa can perform specific actions, play music and media, get information, and more. When listening to music and media, you can also use your voice to control playback. To learn more, go to Things to Try.

For most location-based features, Alexa uses the device's current location, not the home address saved in the Alexa app settings.

Note: This only works if you have allowed the app access to the device's location as part of setup. You can manage this permission at any time from your device Settings:

  1. Go to the Settings of your device and open Applications or Manage Applications.
  2. Then find the Alexa app (Amazon Alexa) and turn access to the device location On or Off.

At this time, Alexa can only check traffic for the destination you've set in the Alexa app. Traffic information based on your mobile device's current location or other destinations is not available.

Alexa Calling & Messaging

With Alexa Calling & Messaging, you can access all of the following communication features:

  • Alexa-to-Alexa Calling – Make and receive calls between compatible Echo devices or the Alexa app. Video calls are also supported for devices with a screen.
  • Alexa-to-Alexa Messaging – Send and receive messages between compatible Echo devices or the Alexa app.
To learn more about Alexa Calling & Messaging, go to About Alexa Calling and Messaging

Unsupported Features

At this time, the Alexa app does not support the following features:

  • Volume and device-specific controls (see below for more information).
  • Timers and Alarms.
  • Some Third-party media services (like TuneIn)
  • Activating Alexa using your voice (To activate Alexa, open the Alexa app and tap the Alexa button in the navigation bar, at the bottom of your screen).

About Device-Specific Controls

Alexa can’t control actions, features, or preferences specific to your mobile device, including speaker volume, device power, locking the screen, and launching other installed apps. You’ll need to manage these options directly on your mobile device, like usual.

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