Amazon Business Analytics

Amazon Business Analytics helps you easily track orders based on your business needs.

Use Amazon Business Analytics to view data about your orders, create and filter reports based on your business needs.


  • You will only have access to reports or filters that you create, and the results you see will vary based on your account permissions.
  • Amazon Business Analytics reporting is available for e-books but not currently available for other types of digital orders (i.e. Prime memberships, software downloads, digital music, and others).

Both Administrators and Requisitioners can access Amazon Business Analytics:

  1. Log into your business account, then select Account for <your business name> menu.
  2. Select Business Analytics and in Business Analytics, you can select one of the reports available.
  3. You can set filters to customize the data in your reports. The filters you have to choose from will depend on the type of report you chose to create.
  4. You can add or remove columns by selecting Adjust columns. The columns you can add or remove depend on the type of report you chose to create.
  5. You can download a CSV formatted copy of your customized report by selecting Download report.
    • Reports may take time to generate, depending upon their size. When the report is complete, file will be downloaded automatically and a green bar will appear notifying you. You can also view the download history to retrieve reports generated in the past.
    • You can queue up to 5 reports for downloading.
  6. Lastly, select Save to save an open report and easily pull it up again in the future for your reference.

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