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Add/Load Money in Amazon Pay balance

Money in Amazon Pay balance can be topped up from Amazon Pay section

To Add/Load money into Amazon Pay balance, go to:

To add funds you need to sign up for Money by following steps mentioned here.

If you have already signed up, follow the steps given below to add funds:

  1. Go to the Amazon Pay page and click on Add Money
  2. Enter an amount and click Continue
  3. Choose the payment method and provide required details to complete payment.
  4. The updated balance will reflect in Money within 15 minutes.

Few points to consider while topping up Money balance

  1. You can load and spend up to Rs.10000 to Amazon Pay balance: Money in a calendar month. Example: If you have a carry forward balance of Rs.6000 from December to January, you will be able to load up to Rs.4000 in January leading to a total balance of Rs.10,000 (max limit). However if you use some of the balance from December, say Rs.6000 then you will be able to load an additional Rs.6000 in the month.
  2. Your spend limit for the month is capped at Rs.10000. Example: If you have a balance of Rs.15000 in January, you will only be able to spend Rs.10000 in January. The remaining balance will be carried forward to February.
  3. Load and Spend limits are explained in the below table:
    Limit Type Amount
    Monthly Load Limit Rs.10000
    Monthly Spend Limit Rs.10000
    Annual Load Limit Rs.100000
  4. You can keep a track of your Load limit from the Add Money page
  5. You will not be able to use Amazon Pay balance: Money, in case you’ve reached your monthly Spend Limit. You will be notified at Payment Selection Page while making the payment.
  6. Balance can be topped up using a domestic credit/debit card or net banking
  7. Amazon Pay Balance (Gift & credits and Money) and credit/debit cards issued outside India cannot be used to top up “Money”. Prepaid/Virtual bank cards or combination of electronic methods of payments such as Credit/Debit cards with Cash on delivery is not supported to Add money.

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