GST Invoice

All business eligible orders come with a GST invoice.

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All your business purchases will receive a GST invoice, which would list the following details:
  • GST number of shipping state (if applicable)
  • Your company/organization name
  • PO number (provided you have added the PO number while ordering)

Please note that not all products are eligible for business purchases on The products that list GST Invoice on the product detail page on are the only ones eligible for business purchases. You can continue placing orders for non-business products using your business account, however, it will be treated as personal purchase and you will be bound by the Conditions of Use applicable to purchases of non-business products.

At times you may not see the GST Invoice badge on the product detail page on, in such a case click on 'New from' hyperlink located under the 'Add to cart' button. Clicking on the link will take you to the offer listings page, this particular page will list offer price from different sellers.

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