Ordering for Business

Identifying a business offer and completing the order.

Search for the product of your choice using the search bar; among the search results that are displayed, click on one of the products. It will take you to the product detail page on Amazon.in and if you see a Business Invoice badge, only then you can be sure that you will receive a business invoice for such product.

At times you may not see Business Invoice badge on the product detail page on Amazon.in, in such a case click on 'New from' hyperlink located under the 'Add to cart' button. The above link will take you to the offer listings page, this particular page will list offer price from different sellers. If one of the seller ships to business customers, then there will be a Business Invoice badge against their product; you can make purchases for your business with this seller.

Certain business sellers also offer business pricing and quantity discounts on certain products, please click here, to learn more.


  • Please ensure that you are always signed in to your Amazon.in business account before you browse the website, as this would assist us in helping you identify the business eligible products.
  • If you're a customer who claims VAT credit, always ensure you're purchasing from business sellers shipping from your state. While you can purchase products from sellers shipping from other states, however you won't be able to claim VAT credit.

To complete the order, please perform the following steps:
  1. From the product detail page select the quantity of products you wish to order and click on Add to Cart button.
  2. The following page will take you to the Review Your Cart page, where you can review the products added to your cart and/ or add/reduce the quantity.
  3. Click Proceed to Checkout after you have reviewed the products in your shopping cart.
  4. You might be prompted to sign-in to your business account again. Please sign-in and proceed.
  5. Once you have signed-in, the next page will take you to the Business order info where you can enter a Purchase Order (PO) number. Please note that this is an optional field, you can continue with the checkout process by skipping this page. This page is added to help you keep a track of the orders placed by your organization/business.
  6. Click Enter a new delivery address to enter a new address, or select an existing delivery address by clicking the corresponding Deliver to this address button.
  7. Select from the available delivery speed and click Continue.
  8. Select your mode of payment and click on Continue.
  9. Review your order details and click Place your Order and Pay.
  10. If you have selected a credit card/debit card as your payment instrument, then you will be directed to your bank's 3-D secure code to authorize your payment. You will see a Thank You page if your order is successfully placed.

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