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Play Multi-Room Music on Echo Devices

Multi-Room Music allows you to play and control music across multiple, supported Echo devices and compatible speakers at the same time.

You can find supported Echo devices and speaker pairs in the Alexa app during Multi-Room Music setup.

Tip: For more information about speaker pairs, go to Set Up Echo Speakers For Stereo Sound.

To create a Multi-Room Music group in the Alexa app:

  1. From the menu, select Smart Home.
  2. Select Groups and then Create Groups.
  3. Select Multi-Room Music Group.
  4. Use preset group names, or create your own by selecting Custom Name.
  5. Select which devices to include and then select Create Group.

To begin Multi-Room Music playback, say, "Play [music selection] on [group name]."

Note: If you're hearing a 'cathedral' effect when using your Bluetooth speaker, it could be incompatible. Remove the speaker from Multi-Room Music, and add another speaker. You can see compatible speakers during Multi-Room music setup.

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