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Read Kindle Content

You can turn pages, add bookmarks or notes, and highlight text while you are reading Kindle books, just like with print books.

  • At any time, you can return back to the title by tapping on the photo of the title at the bottom of the screen.
  • View books - From the Kindle reading app Library screen, tap Books, and then tap a title to open it.
    • Tap Cloud to access books that aren't downloaded to your device. Tap the book to it add it to your device.
  • Change font type, font size, background color, and brightness - Tap the middle of your screen, then tap . The first time you open a Kindle book, you will be prompted to use the new Bookerly font. If you prefer not to choose this option, you can change it from the Reading Settings
  • Turn pages - While reading, tap the center of the screen to enter Page Flip. You will now see the progress bar to navigate back and forth within a select Kindle book. Swipe left and right to turn pages.
  • Continuous Scrolling - To read with continuous scrolling, tap anywhere on the page when you are reading your book. Then tap on the icon at the top of the screen to open up the menu. Tap on the Continuous Scrolling toggle switch to turn continuous scrolling on or off.
  • Navigate select content with Page Flip - Tap the right side of the screen to go to the next page. Tap the left side to go to the previous page. Tap the grid icon on the lower left corner of the screen to zoom out and see multiple pages of the book at once. Swipe up and down to explore the book and go to other pages. Tap the icon on the lower left corner to go back and see one page at a time in Page Flip. As you turn pages, the latest page you read is saved to the side of the screen. Simply tap on it to get back to that page.
  • Add a bookmark - Tap the top-right corner of the screen or tap the middle of the screen and then tap the Bookmark (small flag) icon.
  • Go to a different location in the book - Tap the middle of your screen and then select one of the following:
    • Slide the progress bar at the bottom of the screen forward or backward.
    • Tap Menu (three lines) to go to the Beginning or a specific Page or Location.
    • Tap My Notebook (paper with lines), then tap one of your notes, highlights, or bookmarks to go to the page where it is located.
  • Go to your last location - While reading, tap Back (backward arrow) to return to your last reading location. You can also tap a placeholder (dot) mark on the progress bar to return to either of the last two locations you have visited.
  • Explore your book with X-Ray - While reading, tap the Menu (three dots), and then tap X-Ray (x) to view a list of topics mentioned on your current Page. To view topics mentioned throughout the book, tap Chapter or Book.
  • Add highlights - Press and hold a word or press and drag to select a passage. From the highlighting options, tap your preferred highlighting color.
  • Add notes - Press and hold a word or highlighted section. Tap Note (paper with pencil), type your text, and then tap Save. A blue notepad icon appears in the text where you have saved a note.
  • Copy text - Press and hold a word, or press and drag to select a passage, and then tap the Copy Text (sheets of paper) to copy the selected text to your device's clipboard. After you copy the text, you can open another application (such as a browser or note application), and then press and hold to paste.
  • My Notebook - While reading, tap My Notebook (paper with lines) to view all highlights and notes you made in the book.
    • Tap Note (paper with pencil) to edit your note.
    • Tap Delete (-) to delete your note or highlight.
    • Tap Favorite (star) to favorite your note or highlight.
    • Tap Filter and then select Starred, Bookmarks, All Highlights, Pink Highlights, Orange Highlights, Yellow Highlights, or Blue Highlights to filter annotations in My Notebook.
  • Look up a word in the dictionary - Press and hold a word to view the definition using the Smart Lookup feature. To change the language or dictionary, tap the language or dictionary name in the lower left. Please note, for dictionaries you have purchased, you must download the dictionary to your device before it will appear as an option. To switch between the dictionary and Wikipedia, swipe left or right.
  • Translation - While reading, press and hold a word or press and drag a phrase, and then release. Swipe to the left to view the Translate Smart Lookup card, if needed. Select the language you'd like to translate the selected text into. To hear the translated text, tap the Speak (volume) icon. Translations are provided by Bing Translator. To learn more, visit
  • Track your reading progress - Tap the middle of your screen and then view the bottom for your reading progress.
  • Sync content - Tap More, and then tap Sync or Sync to Furthest Page to synchronize your notes, bookmarks, last location read, and Popular Highlights with your other Kindle devices.
  • Share to Facebook and Twitter - Tap a highlighted section, and then tap the Share (box with arrow) icon. Tap either Twitter or Facebook.
  • To return to your Library - Tap the middle of your screen and then tap the down arrow in the upper left side of the screen.
  • Turn Off Time Left to Read - From Library, tap Settings, tap Other, and then turn off Show Book Footers.
  • In-book Clock - You can see the time while reading a book. You can turn this feature on and off in the Settings section or by tapping the top center part of the page (iPhone). On iPad, tap the top left corner of the page. This feature is not available for magazines, comics, or graphic novels.
  • Kindle in Motion - Tap the center of the screen, and then tap the icon to turn on the available background images, photos, illustrations, videos, or animations. "Show Media" OFF removes page backgrounds, art and images, video and animations. "Autoplay" ON starts animation when you turn to the page. "Autoplay" OFF does not start animation until you tap on it. This feature is available on select content.

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