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About Shipping Cost Refunds

Shipping cost refunds will be provided under certain conditions.

Shipping cost refunds for items Fulfilled by Amazon

For Fulfilled by Amazon and Prime Eligible items, return shipping costs of upto Rs. 100 will be refunded.

The cost of gift-wrapping will also be refunded, if any. All such refunds will be issued through cheques.


  1. If you incur return shipping charges over Rs.100 for returning large and heavy items, you can contact us for an additional refund.
  2. For refund of such additional charges, proof of payment, like a courier receipt needs to be submitted.

Shipping cost refunds for Seller fulfilled items

If you're returning an item that was damaged/ defective or due an error on the sellers part, you can request the seller to reimburse the return shipping charges you incurred. In such cases, a seller might ask you to provide the courier receipt.

If you return an item because you no longer need it, the seller is not required to refund the return shipping costs.

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