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Import Fees Deposit - Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for the Import Fees Deposit levied on Global Store products.

The AGS Products shipped to India from outside the country may be subject to taxes, customs duties and fees levied by the Indian authorities under applicable laws ("Import Fees"). You, being the recipient, are the importer on record for the AGS Product into India and are solely responsible for all applicable Import Fees. Such Import Fees are calculated based on the market value (actual price) of the AGS Product. However, in case any promotion is offered by the Seller (Amazon or Merchant) and the import fee collected by Indian customs is based on the promotional value of the AGS Product, then the differential amount of the import fee (import fee paid by you reduced by the actual import fee levied on the goods) shall be refunded to you.

If an AGS Product is shipped to you as a replacement of an earlier order and no payment / remittance is made by you for such replacement shipment, the import fees for the replacement shipment shall be borne by the Seller.

With respect to each AGS Product for which Import Fees have been estimated, you authorize the Seller to designate a carrier ("Designated Carrier") to act as your agent with the relevant customs and tax authorities in India, carry out the customs clearance for your AGS Product, process and remit your actual Import Fees for such item.

When shipping AGS Products to India, the Seller will provide you with an estimate of the Import Fees that is likely to be levied on the AGS Product in your order ("Import Fees Deposit"). The Import Fees Deposit is not an exact calculation of the actual taxes, duties and fees that will be levied upon importation of such AGS Product into India. Customs regulations and tax rates applicable to certain AGS Products may change between the date the taxes and duties were estimated and the applicable taxes and duties on the date of import into India. The duty or tax rate is determined by the classification of the AGS Product under the applicable laws of India. By placing your order for AGS Products, you agree to allow the Seller, to collect the Import Fees Deposit for the applicable AGS Products in your order. The Import Fees Deposit will be used, on your behalf, to reimburse the Designated Carriers for the Import Fees that they have paid on your behalf to the appropriate Indian authorities.

You further agree that the Designated Carriers may disclose to the Sellers the amount of actual Import Fees levied on the AGS Product you have purchased from the Seller ("Actual Import Fees"). In case of gifts or other purchases made on behalf of another recipient, you also agree to grant the foregoing authorizations on behalf of the recipient designated in your order for AGS Product(s).

If the Actual Import Fees paid by the Designated Carrier on your behalf to the customs and tax authorities are less than the Import Fees Deposit collected by us, you will automatically be refunded that amount. You will receive a notification e-mail confirming the amount of such refund. The process takes approximately 60 (sixty) days from the shipment date for you to receive any refund amounts.

For AGS Products, if the Actual Import Fees exceeds the amount of the Import Fees Deposit collected by the Seller from you, the Seller will pay the additional amount and you will not be charged any additional fees.

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