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Unified Payment Interface (UPI)

Unified Payment Interface (UPI) is an initiative by the Government of India. Anyone who has registered on UPI and has a valid UPI ID can now make payments for their Amazon orders through the mobile shopping app, mobile browser and desktop browser.

You can register for UPI through any of the UPI apps (e.g.: BHIM) and make payments on Amazon by using the UPI ID provided by them.

UPI will be available as a payment method on our mobile shopping app, mobile browser and desktop browser for all transactions valuing Rs. 20000 or less. However do note that the following exceptions apply:

  1. UPI cannot be used in combination with Amazon Pay balance
  2. If your payment failed initially, UPI will not be an option in the Revise/Retry payment workflow. However, you can pay using other Payment Instruments.

Here is how you can use UPI on our mobile shopping app/browser:

  1. Checkout with an order total of Rs. 20000 or less.
  2. On the Select a payment method screen, select UPI as the payment method and enter your UPI ID there (UPI ID format: ABC@XYZ) and tap on Verify.
  3. If the ID you’ve entered is valid, you will be prompted to go to your UPI ID linked mobile app to complete the payment.
  4. Go to your UPI ID linked mobile app and from the Pending Transactions tab in it, complete your payment.
  5. Once the payment is complete, you can see an order placement confirmation on your mobile shopping app/browser.

Note: The payment needs to be completed within 10 minutes to successfully place the order.

If the payment failed on my order, how do I proceed?

If the payment failed on your order, you will receive an option to retry your payment with a different payment method. If you’d like to use UPI again, place a new order.

If an order was returned to Amazon, how would a refund be processed?

Refunds on such transactions will be done directly to the UPI linked bank account. The refund timeline for such transactions is 2-4 business days

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