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Furniture Installation

The furniture category on Amazon India have varied assembly and installation requirements.

According to installation or assembly requirements for a chosen product, it may fall under one of the following classifications:
  • Already Assembled: These are pre-assembled products that do not require any further assembly or installation.
  • Do It Yourself: These products have basic assembly requirements and can be easily assembled. Assembly and installation for these products can be performed using basic tools (like a screwdriver ),
  • Require Assembly: These products require professional assistance for assembly and installation. For most of these items, sellers will provide assembly services free of cost If a product detail page mentions "Assembly provided by Seller" , it indicates the availability of installation services by seller for that item. If this option is not displayed on the product detail page, the seller does not provide installation services for the item. In such cases, customers are expected to arrange for installation service at their own cost.