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FAQs - DTH Recharges

Frequently asked questions about DTH recharges through Amazon

1. How to recharge DTH?
  1. Tap on DTH Recharge
  2. Select an operator and enter a subscriber ID/customer ID/ serial number.
  3. Enter the amount to be recharged and tap Pay. Recharge plans offered by the operator can be accessed through view plans link in the amount box.

    Note: Amazon Pay balance will be the default payment method for DTH recharges. You can uncheck this option if you wish to use different payment method.

  4. Once the payment is complete and the recharge is successful, a confirmation message will be displayed.
2. How much time will it take for a DTH recharge to go through?

Recharges are done almost instantly. However, it may take up to 20 seconds or more for the confirmation screen to come up post recharge. You will also receive SMS and Email notifications confirming the same.

3. What are the supported DTH operators?

Operator Details
Airtel Digital TV
  • Customer ID is numeric, starts with the number 3 and consists of 10 digits.
  • To know your customer ID, press Menu on your DTH remote and choose My account
Tata Sky
  • Press home button on the DTH remote to view the Subscriber ID
Dish TV
  • Recharge can be done using the registered mobile number or the smart card number.
  • The smart card number will be given at the back of the card inserted in the set-top box.
Reliance Digital TV
  • Smartcard number starts with the number 2 and consists of 12 digits.
  • The smart card number will be given at the back of the card inserted in the set-top box.
Sun Direct
  • The smart card number will be given at the back of the card inserted in the set-top box.
Videocon D2H
  • Subscriber ID can be found by sending an SMS 'ID' to 566777 from your registered mobile number.

4. Are there any offers/promotions on DTH recharge?

Offers or promotions if any will be visible on the DTH recharge screen.

5. Can DTH recharges be cancelled for a refund?

No, a DTH recharge cannot be cancelled.

6. What payment methods can be used to perform a DTH recharge?

Credit cards, debit cards, net banking and Amazon Pay balance can be used to do a DTH recharge

7. I am unable place a DTH recharge

Please ensure that you add the correct details, while requesting a recharge. Sometimes the delay might also be possible due to technical issues. We recommend that you retry performing the recharge after sometime in such cases.

8. My payment was successful, but the DTH transaction failed.

Payments made through Amazon Pay balance will be refunded instantly for such transactions. For payments made through credit card, debit card or net-banking, the refund will be processed in 2-4 business days, depending upon the bank's policy. Your bank usually sends you an SMS once the refund is successfully credited.

9. The recharge is successful on Amazon, however it's not applied to my DTH.

The recharge successful notifications (SMS and email) include a reference number. Please reach out to the DTH operator customer care stating the reference number and request support.

10. Where can I view my past recharges? I want to check the status of my recharge. Where do I do it?

This can be viewed form Your Orders section. In case you want to check the status of your transaction using BBPS reference number, please click here.

11. Got a message that the recharge is pending?

In such cases, if the recharge is not successful within 2 days, the order will be cancelled and a refund will be processed to the original payment method used.

12. Where can I get an invoice for the recharge?

A payment receipt for your recharge transaction can be downloaded from the respective order details page from Your Orders

13. What are the different order statuses of a DTH recharge?

Recharge Order Status Result
Success Recharge was successful, confirmation sent to registered email ID and mobile number.
Failure Payment refunded to original payment method.
Pending Recharge request pending with operator, payment will be refunded to original payment if recharge is not successful within 2 working days.

14. I am not happy with the operator resolution provided, Can I raise a complaint?

You can raise a complaint for the BBPS DTH operators - Sun direct, Tata Sky and Dish. Please enter your BBPS reference number, select the issue code and describe the issue and submit a complaint in this link. You can raise only one complaint for one BBPS reference number. Please note that Amazon does not look into these complaints and will not be sending any notification when the complaint gets resolved.

Please use this link to check the status of your complaint. Your complaints are resolved by NPCI appointed operating units and the SLA ranges from 4-7 working days. If you are raising a complaint for a transaction done outside Amazon, please note that you will be able to raise a complaint for a BBPS reference number only if the mobile number associated with the transaction is the same as the mobile number registered with Amazon.

15. I paid my DTH recharge outside Amazon, I want to know if my recharge is successful. Can I check the transaction status on Amazon?

Yes, if the DTH operator is on boarded on BBPS, you can check the status of the transaction because BBPS is an inter-operable system. Enter the BBPS reference number in the ensuing link (to be hyperlinked) to check the status of the transaction. Please note that you can check the status of the transaction only if the mobile number associated with the transaction matches with the mobile number registered with Amazon.

16. Why do I see a BBPS logo on my DTH recharge page?

As of now, three DTH players are a part of the Bharat Bill Pay system namely, Sun Direct, Tata Sky and Dish TV. BBPS (Bharat Bill Pay System) is a National Payment Corporation of India driven initiative - which enables interoperable bill payment services to customers and provide instant confirmation of payment. NPCI, as the central unit, will also undertake clearing and settlement activities related to transactions routed through BBPS enhancing customer confidence and experience.

17. Are there purchase limits for recharges?

Yes, there are purchase limits in place for recharges. In case multiple recharges are placed through the same Amazon account / or multiple Amazon accounts to abuse the recharge system, we reserve the right (in our sole discretion) to cancel any recharge order without providing any prior notice to you.

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