Amazon Author Pages FAQ

Question: What are Amazon Author Pages?

Answer: Amazon Author Pages are corners of our bookstore dedicated to offering customers a way to browse and shop favorite authors, discover new books, and more. Today each Author Page includes a complete listing of your books, and can include an author photo, discussion board, and more. Stay tuned--we're dedicated to adding more features over time.

Question: How do I locate an Amazon Author Page?

Answer: You can click on the author's name on the book detail page or search for the author's name from the Books Store. You'll see an Amazon Author Page icon at the top of the search results with a link to their Author Page.

Question: I am an author and want to update my Amazon Author Page (e.g. add a new photo, add a title to my bibliography). How do I do that?

Answer: Authors who have at least one book available for sale on can join Author Central to update their author page.

Question: What if I don’t have any books on If all my books are on only, how can I update my Author Page?

Answer: Unfortunately, at this time authors whose books are on but not are unable to join Author Central from the site. Instead, they should contact Customer Service to request an Author Central account. If you are not an author, please use our general feedback form to request these changes.

Question: What if I'm an author who doesn't have an Amazon Author Page?

Answer: If you're an author with at least one book listed on, you are eligible to join Author Central, a free service provided by Amazon where you can share information about yourself and your work and request an Author Page. If you are an author without a book on (i.e., if all of your books are available only on you can contact Customer Service to request an Author Central account.

Question: What can I do if I see an error on an Amazon Author Page?

Answer: Please use our Author Pages Feedback form to alert us to any Author Page issues or suggestions on how to improve these pages.