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Causes supported: Education

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Bhumi is one of India’s largest independent youth volunteer non-profit organizations. Bhumi, the winner of the ‘Leader in Volunteer Engagement’ award at the iVolunteer Awards in 2014, works with over 15,000 under-privileged children across India.
About Bhumi
Bhumi believes that every under-privileged child deserves quality education. They have transformed this conviction into a volunteering opportunity for India's youth, launching a snowball effect of talent nurturing talent on the path to an educated, poverty-free India. Bhumi volunteers work amongst orphaned and underprivileged children in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, New Delhi, Telangana, West Bengal and several other parts of the country with the aim of providing children with quality supplementary education and enabling them to become responsible and productive citizens of the future. The efforts of Bhumi’s volunteer force consisting of over 1,500 students and young professionals under the age of 30 benefit children in shelter homes, slums and villages.

Bhumi volunteers impart supplementary education to the children during the weekends covering English, Mathematics, Science and Computers. Children also take part in talent development programs to bring out their extra-curricular abilities in Art and Sports. Older children are also provided life skill education and mentoring. Bhumi also connects over 5,000 children with corporate donors in fulfilling their wishes and spreading smiles.

Geographical Presence and Impact
Bhumi has over 1,500 volunteers across India as part of the supplementary education program. Every year Bhumi impacts over 15,000 children in shelter homes, slum and village communities.

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