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WeekenderTimex Weekender

A watch that has every ingredient to transform your look wherever you are. The Weekender collection as its name defines, is a refreshing take on the casual look. A line that gives you an amazingly simple set of choices to accessorize what you wear. The soft contoured watch is beautifully styled with enduring simplicity; the size is versatile and makes it appealing to both men and women. The collection has a nostalgic touch of vintage colours - warm and weathered tones. The watch comes with an assortment of 2 interchangeable nylon straps, set to bring alive your weekend. One small detail you cannot miss is the distinctive ‘tick’ of the second hand!

Change your look in an instant, with a simple laced-through strap. Nylon is woven to a comfortable thickness making it feel robust and yet supple enough to slip through the watch lugs making it easy to change at the spur of a moment. Steel rings stitched into the band create sturdy loops to hold the strap when worn. The straps are smartly designed to suit both men's and women’s wrist sizes. It’s easy to clean, a simple wash would do. The colours and stripes are reminiscent of military ribbons and come with the soft feel of canvas yet with the resilience of a durable material. The straps give you flexibility and fun in changing styles on the go, a simple outing, cycling or a hike.
WeekenderClassic Dials

The styles have a universally vintage feel. The watches come with a neutral palette of dial colours -ivory, metallic grey and black; each complimenting the strap combinations equally well. The choice of the straightforward numeral typeface design makes it all the more classical and everlasting. The dials are sharp, crisp and to the point, accentuated with a sporty ‘minute ring’. The hands create a sharp contrast for good visibility when lit with the ‘Indiglo’ function. The 24-hour layout is an interesting addition to differentiating time in a watch for almost any occasion!

Indiglo is one of the most intuitive night light options today with its simplicity. The Indiglo function activated using the integrated crown-pusher design makes it extremely easy to use in any situation. The dial glows to a soothing soft bluish green colour visible in dull lighting conditions. What’s most distinct in the collection is the Indiglo function for ‘dark’ dial backgrounds like metallic grey and black. A handy function to have whether you’re at a theatre, on a trek or just waking up in the middle of the night.

Making choices of what you wear and what to accessorise with it, seem a lot easier with the Weekender line. A versatile collection for any of moment, it can give you that smart twist in your attire with a simple swap of a strap. What's exciting is that you can add more watches to your collection and increase the palette of styles that express you. If customisation is what you really like, the Weekender is just apt.