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11 March 2018
These are the entry-level headphones in the MX line of headphones....but don't let that fool you.

I love these set of cans for the value they offer, even if they are not flashy...they do the job very well.

I own a set of Sony MDR 7506 and was looking for another set of budget headphones for my home studio mixing an mastering needs.

There were many questions on the Q&A section, so I thought of compiling and saving time for those researching/deciding to buy...

What are these?

Ans - These are studio monitoring headphones, which means they have a flat frequency response and are not coloured in any way.
Many consumer-grade headphones have the bass frequencies pushed up which gives you much pumped up bass. So if you are expecting that pumped up bass.... these headphones are not for you. But that said, these make regular listening a joy, as the highs are clear, mids are well-rounded and bass full bodied. it will honestly portray the song as it is...and not unnecessarily amplify any frequency.

Will they work with my mobile phone?

Ans - Yes, they will and as they do not need power will work with any device, but the only thing is that the 3.5 mm jack will not fit in, if you have a phone cover. also, the other part is that the headphone cable is nearly 3 meters long, so you will have to loop the cable if you want to use it, which isn't very comfortable to do.

Can I use these while travelling, jogging, in the gym etc?

Ans - These headphones do not make practical sense as they are non-collapsible and also they come with a long cable, which will not make sense in the gym or jogging as you would want something which is not obstructing your activity.

Can I use them for gaming?

Ans - yes you surely can for listening and they sound pretty good, but they don't have a mic.

Are the open or closed back?

Ans - They are closed back headphones

Does it have a mic? can you take calls?

Ans - it does not have an inbuilt mic, no , you cant take calls with these.

Is the aux cable removable?

Ans - No, the cable is not removable

Do i need an amplifier to make them work?

Ans - No, they do not need any additional power for functioning.

Can I use them for Dj'ing?

Ans - Yes you can, as the headphone earpieces swivel outside, so you can have even hold one earpiece to your ear when you're mixing tracks etc. or have one over the ear and the other one off the ear to cue in the next track etc.

Onto the review and basics

what comes with the box

- Headphones
- Warranty and user manual
- 3.5mm to 1/4 inch adapter

What I like

- Entry level professional headphones which do not compromise on sound quality, really love the sound quality,40 mm drivers deliver very clear, Transparent and precise sound frequencies over bass, mids and highs and deliver them without accenting any specific frequency
- Closed-Back which has no sound leak when they are worn.
- The headband and earpieces are well cushioned and the headband can be adjusted as per your head size.Comfortable and snug fit, well-cushioned earphone and headband.
- Sound isolation is phenomenal, once you put it on, it drowns out any other surrounding noise.
- Comes with a straight cable which I personally love, I particularly am not fond of the coiled cable as it keeps dangling and getting itself stuck in my other equipment. but then again it's a personal choice.
- The long cable has got good reach, so if you want to reach for something you can easily do that without having to take off the headphones
- Durable and very high-quality plastic build, which can take the abuse.
- It comes with a 3.5 mm to 1/4 inch adapter which is gold plated and premium looking.

What I don't like

- They don't come with a cover, while I know that since it is an entry-level budget headphone, so they are not collapsible, don't come with a choice of straight or coiled cable, the cable isn't detachable, but a bag/cover definitely would've been nice.

- The really long cable is a pain if you're planning to use it for casual listening and use it with a smart device/phone

- There is no clear and visible marking for the left and right speaker, one way to remember is that the cable is connected to the headphones from the left speaker, so that works as an identifier.

- The 3.5 mm jack will not always fit snugly in the headphone jack of the phone if you have a cover on (this depends on the type of phone cover)
- if you like me, live in a humid place like Mumbai and in a non-AC environment, these will make your ears pretty sweaty after long hours of use, so you will have to keep tissues or a handkerchief handy to regularly wipe your ears.

overall, will I recommend them?

Hell yeah !!!

I love these headphones for the quality of the sound and the overall value that they offer in comparison to the price, while it has none of the features that it's expensive brothers and sisters have like the ATH-M70X which costs nearly 20K, but it still delivers and makes up with its sound offerings at an affordable price.

I have added images, so that you can have a better understanding of the product and I hope that it helps you...Cheers!
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