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3 November 2018
This laptop was great value for money Since I exchanged my old laptop. If you can buy this laptop under 23k , just go for it. You won’t regret it. There are many upgrade options available for this laptop So that you can improve the performance of this laptop. I didn’t find any other laptop where I can upgrade to Nvme m.2 SSD.
So I was testing my laptop for the last few weeks without the upgrade and it was performing well. But there was some issues with the gaming, Photoshop and continues browsing with many tabs opened.

Then I upgraded to WD green m.2 240Gb SSD (sata speed) and migrate the Windows OS to the SSD with the WD OS Clone tool which is available on the WD website. It did shows a significant improvement in the performance. The browsing, photoshop cc speed increased but not the gaming fps. Bought it form Md computers (online) for Rs 3500.
If you have the budget go for Samsung 970 evo( Samsung 860 evo for low price).
The boot time was reduced to 10sec, for HDD it was around 26sec , for SSD it was 16 sec.
I tried to play GTA 5 on SSD , the loading time was reduced but it’s not playable even at lowest graphics settings.

Then I upgraded the ram since 3Gb of my ram was always used by the OS, So I installed ADATA 4GB DDR4 2400Mhz ram for Rs 3000 , it really improved overall performance of the laptop. Ram is now running on Dual channel.
The laptop came with Samsung M471A5244CB0-CTD Ram which was capable of running at 2666Mhz ,but the laptop motherboard only support 2400Mhz Ram. I opt the help of HP forum and a computer expert to find the best compatible ram for the laptop because there is a chance of some compatibility issues.
I would say if you are buying any other ram other than ADATA AD4S2400J4G17-R , Make sure that you take the laptop to a technician so that even if the ram doesn’t support you still won’t loose your money.
I tried to buy online, but if it doesn’t support means I can’t return the product.
Now I can play GTA 5 with average 30fps at low settings,No photoshop editing lag ,applying filters and other effects.

AMD RYZEN 3 performance is very good
Can be upgraded to nvme m.2 SSD (Samsung 970 evo the best)
No overheating issues.
Good viewing angle.
Activated windows 10 Home
Fast charging

Battery life max 4hrs
Touchpad not precise
No backlit keyboard
Speakers average
Ram and SSD slot not easily accessible
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