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Reviewed in India on 4 August 2019
I finally decided to read little women earlier this year and as always whenever I read a classic, I took my own time to finish it. The story is quite simple, it revolves around four "little women" who are sisters, Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy March. They live with their mother and their father has gone off to war. We get to see a year of their lives starting from winter till the next one. It's a heart-warming novel and the characters just make you want to squish them and never let them go. The girls are often joined by Laurie who's their next door neighbour. Not having much to do in the 1800s, they play various games and keep themselves busy by reading, painting or creating newspapers. I absolutely loved the dynamic the sisters shared and Mrs. March was one wise lady who knew everything works out in the end if you work hard enough. The language was pretty easy to read but it's lengthy and slow so you just keep wondering what's going to happen. I also read that it is loosely based on the author's life and that made me a bit happy. Please read it if you want to. You won't regret it😁
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