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10 September 2016
Awesome Ukulele with good build and good sound quality. The Aquila strings take the sound quality to a whole new level.

The body is strudy and durable. The mahogany top enhances it beauty. The tuning gears are just perfect. Initially I'll take a while for you to make it stay in tune, you'll have to tune is like every hour or so but from day 2 and 3 onwards it starts to stay in tune. The overall finishing is good, I won't say excellent though.

This is my 3rd Ukulele in past 3 weeks as I wasn't satisifed with build and sound quality of other brand ukuleles.

I'm a beginner in musical instruments but after trying few ones the difference in sound quality can be observed even with untrained ears.

Though I had to up my budget from 5k to Almost 10k to get this one, but I must say its worth every penny.

The main reason for learners to start with a good quality ukulele is the sweet, crisp and warm tune motivates you to play even more.

(Anyone who's wondering, those are Aquila Super Nylgut Strings, The seller must specify not just the brand but the type too.)

P.S - I'm replacing it with the same one as there was a problem in one of the tone bar, the one just behind and below the sound hole. Also there was problem with the intonation from 12th to 15th fret with the E and C string.
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