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13 February 2019
“The Journey: Traveller with in” is a pure philosophy of mind and body. This book cannot be merely classified into a self-help book as it is more than that. The author has flourished this book inside out with his years of wisdom. I have read many self-help books in the past and all of them are written in a peculiar style of commanding which is right and which is wrong. That’s why I can’t include this one to that category. The author never tells us what to do or what not to. This book hardly has any pieces of advice. It is a journey of self-realization.

When I progressed the reading, I have the feeling that this is truly the journey of the author Tarun Deep Singh from denial to ultimate wisdom and spirituality. Anyone who reads this book will surely feel the turmoil of various emotions.


$The synopsis given at the beginning of each chapter gives a glimpse of the idea expressed in the following lines. Throughout the book, the author gives footnotes and explanation of the idea he wants to convey. This really helps everyone to grasp the concept to its deeper meaning.

$The book is divided into six different chapters, each of them dealing a particular point of his journey. The book touches various delicate aspects like Karma, Greed, Ego, Depression etc. Sometime or another we all felt these emotions. On that sense, it is truly a journey within ourselves.

$The flow-charts and diagrams included at various points of the journey help to simplify a rather deeper concept to every layman.

$The quotes from various spiritual masters such as Guru Nanak, Kabir, Buddha and from religious books like Gita makes the books even more interesting. At certain points, these quotes break the monotonous narration.

$To make this one more interesting, the author has used science and mathematics explanations at appropriate places. This is undoubtedly a unique combination. All these features make it more interesting than any other self-help books.

$The narration style of the author is very unique and this book deserves a large audience.

$I liked the cover and printing quality of the book. The title and the cover absolutely go hand in hand because this is a journey from darkness to light. Like the river depicted in the cover, the journey is from turmoil and storm to the calmness of enlightenment.
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