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The manufacturer commented on the review below24 January 2019
Two major issues: 1) Bluetooth connection stability: this device connects instantly but while on the move the audio is constantly interrupted. Even if I keep my hand on the pocket the phone is kept, it interrupts audio (while walking). And not only for few seconds, but it keep on interrupting through out my walk. If I'm using it with the phone in front of me it's awesome, but not at all good while walking.

2) Direction of sound: It lacks a very fundamental concept of direction of sound. Left earpiece produces sound coming from right and vice versa. First I had doubt, while playing game. Later on checked using 5d sound test and now confirmed that both earpiece produces sound coming from opposite direction. Left earpiece produces sound coming from right and Right earpiece produces sound coming from left.

Used this device for approximately a week.

I am writing this review after I placed a replace request. I would try the replaced set and if the issue remains same, I would like a refund.

Received the replacement and found same issue with the replaced set too.

Update: I requested a refund of the replaced product. Delivery boy collect the product from me...... now after some day, when I enquired about my refund, to my surprise I got to know that the seller updated amazon that I returned a non amazon product........

Update: I have not yet received my refund and Amazon says they are still working on the matter.

Update: the issue is now resolved and the refund is processed by Amazon.
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