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14 November 2018
Almost. But it's better in some ways and worse in others. This is my first e-reader purchase. So far I like it. It's better because the content really looks like you're reading printed letters off a paper. In a way, that's even more amazing than reading actual printed letters off a paper. You can change the font size and style to a bunch of available options. The screen itself is extremely versatile and adjusts brightness to it's environment (I think). Reading an ebook under the morning sun, in Bengaluru's superb weather, was an experience that I didn't know I always wanted to have. Also, the device is extremely light and offers you a lot of convenience compared to a large size book or a laptop. Previously, I'd been reading a lot on my phone, or laptop. The kindle experience has some obvious upsides, as I've pointed out, but there are also disadvantages. The device is noticeably slower compared to laptops and phones. If you are trying to read a pdf document, you'll find the laptop to be much more versatile since you can zoom and scroll however you want very quickly. This is a very laggy and irritating operation on the kindle. Also you might have a bunch of options for highlighting text and taking notes either on a real book or a laptop, but the kindle touchscreen (probably resistive) is very imprecise and it makes highlighting and taking notes a complete chore. If you want to look up something on the internet as you read, there is a primitive browser available, but then again it's more useful to have your phone handy since that's a superior device for this purpose. Finally, the battery is something I haven't tested if it really lasts for weeks. This is a great device if you are simply reading ebooks. But for more serious content, Amazon needs to really improve functionality for note taking, highlighting, and maybe come up with better document formats for people who publish pdfs. For such content you might be better off sticking to a PC, in spite of the poorer reading experience.
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