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20 January 2019
Since a long time I was planning an all in one air pump to cover just everything & this one turned out to be a one stop solution to all needs. All in all in not very costly but effective quality package.

1. Pump with 67cm hose & analogue pressure gauge (accuracy +/-1 PSI up to 50 PSI)
2. Adaptors (3nos)
- Toy inflator adaptor (plastic)
- Sports ball adaptor (metal)
- Presta valve adaptor (high pressure cycle tyres) (plastic)
• Find these on back side of dial area (pics attached)
3. User Guide

1. Very good quality product compared to those local ones. Quality is just everywhere. Build, design & finish. All 10/10.
2. Effective single cylinder system with effortless pumping by design. Even you can pump it via hand.
3. Manual mechanical operation instead of electrical. So no dependency on power/car battery.
4. Since mechanical, no water damage issue like electrical one.
5. Multiple adaptors provided to virtually cover every application (more below).
6. Sufficiently long hose with direct connector for bike/car tyres.
7. Highly compact design with locking lever to keep in compressed state.
8. Ergonomic rubber tread plate on top for effective pumping.
9. Anti-skid rubber feet.
10. Fairly accurate pressure gauge with reading in PSI & BAR.

1. Connector on hose is having brass inners & plastic outers. A bit sceptical about its durability as if its damaged, whole product becomes useless.
2. Presta adaptor for bicycle tyre is fully plastic. Brass one would have been highly appreciated for durability point considering price of pump.


▶ Connectors & Adaptors:

- Default connector on hose: Bikes, Cars etc
- Toy inflator adaptor: Balloons, other similar toys
- Sports ball adaptor: Football, Volleyball, Basketball etc
- Presta valve adaptor: Bicycle tyres

▶ Pressure Tracking:

1. Bikes & Car: As soon as connector is fully screwed on tyre valve, it pressed needle inside it & gauge shows tyres live pressure reading on dial. So we are able to track the reading while pumping to get desired pressure.

2. Other applications: Its based on intuition & check. After every few pumps check pressure by pressing bicycle tyre or sports ball by hand & stop when its sufficient.

▶Pushes/Pumps Required:

It requires approx
- 8 to 10 pushes on car tyre to increase pressure by 1 PSI
-10 to 14 pushes on bicycle for biweekly top up
-15 pushes approx to inflate a normal size balloon

All in all its highly recommended product for intended usage. Its a durable & quality product by Michelin. Just spend some extra bucks here & avoid those local ones which are slightly cheaper. You won't be disappointed. Quality word is synonymous to this product.

P.S. Its not at all meant to inflate tyre from 0 pressure to full. Its only suitable for topping up pressure.
So those looking for other part will be disappointed as it will require to pump almost 100 times to get to those levels. So its possible but will require a lot of pumping.
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