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23 February 2019
My review is mainly based on the available famous brands. There are many reviews but nobody actually know about real honey. All the persons reviewing in comparison with other brands .
Actually it's processed honey. Honey that is classified as raw is not allowed to be pasteurized or processed.

There are very few brands which provide actual honey. I purchase Raw honey regularly from Village as well which costs more but there is a big difference in the Raw honey and Dabur honey. That cost me more but taste is superb.

No company can process the honey without adding the ingredients such as sugar, corn syrup, or artificial or natural flavoring.
So Guys don't think more about it at this price. It's best deal. Overall it's better than Patanjali honey.

Try Water test:
1.Fill a glass with water.
2.Add one tablespoon of honey into the glass.
3.Adulterated or artificial honey will dissolve in water and you will see it around the glass.
4.Pure honey on the other hand will settle right at the bottom of your glass.
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