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12 December 2018
@ This is detailed comparison between iPhone 8, X, XS & XR, after using each of them for a month.
@ I am also stating the detailed battery performance of each phone.

This is a long review, but its worth if you willing to spend your hard earned money.

# iphone 8 and XR have glass front and back, ringed with metal frames (aluminum), which looks more premium and worth the price you pay. But also are susceptible to easy damages.
# iphone X and XS are made of stainless steel, which don't appears that luxurious comparatively, but are more sturdier and less prone to damage compared to 8 and XR.
# Among all iphone 8 is lightest and XR heaviest, with X and XS being almost similarly weighed.
# To me in this parameter, iphone 8 seems the better choice.

# iphone 8 has smallest display(4.7") and XR the biggest(6.1"), with X and XS with same size(5.8"), so is the screen to body ratio.
# Display resolution of X and XS is same and the best amongst all, while 8 and XR is same and lowest ( NOT even FHD ).
Similarly, X & XS have OLED, while 8 & XR have LCD :P
# According to my usage I found X & XS to be much better value for money in terms of display quality.

# I noticed XS performing slightly better than XR, though both of them have same processor. Followed by X and 8.
# If you are normal user like me then you wont mind using iphone 8 over XS, as 8 can do everything that XS can easily.
# I found X to be better value for money in this segment.

# All 4 phones are equipped with fast charging, wireless charging.
# XR use to last over 20 hours with normal multitasking, with 4G ON continuously all the time.
*XS use to last between 16-18 hours, X did 14-15 hours and 8 use to lasts upto 12 hours.
# With Heavy multitasking, XR lasted over 11 hours, XS did over 9 hours, X lasted over 8 hours and 8 lasted upto 6 hours.
# Certainly XR outshines others in battery performance.

# In this segment, I noticed iphone X to be the best among all when using Rear camera.
* Colours are more punchy and true to real. Night time photography is also excellent.
# XS sometimes does better over X, but not always.
# Front camera of X, XS and XR are same and performs almost similarly.
# Each one supports 4K, OIS, slow motion.

PRICE (64GB) :
8 - Rs.55K
X - Rs.75K
XR - Rs.77k
XS - Rs.99K

# Here certainly 8 is winner :P

P.S: you get a physical home button on iphone 8, which certainly comes handy.

After using each phone, I can conclude that if you are tight on budget then going for iphone 8 is best choice.
If you have 80k to spare, then certainly go for iphone X. And if budget is not in your dictionary, then certainly go for iphone XS.
To me iphone XR is not worth the price at all, except the battery performance, it doesn't have any noticeable parameter.

If you already own a iphone 7, then don't upgrade unless, you have money to waste. If you have 6s or below, then only go for upgrade.

Hope this review helps.
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