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7 September 2018
I bought an XXL size mattress for my pets (pahadi breed with 1/4 German Shepherd). It is a comfortable size for both my pets (not together though). My pets took to the mattress readily. They both 'fight' to sleep on the mattress (they are big enough and don't like sharing the bed any longer).

The mattress has a waterproof (rexine) upholstery. On top of this there is an outer cover that is of a very sturdy material that can withstand vigorous scratching / digging by your pet. So in case your pet has a problem of wetting the bed, then you can remove the outer cover to wash and dry it (this may take time to dry as it is a thick material), and the mattress with its rexine cover can be given a quick wash and wipe and it will be ready for use by your pet. I would not advice using it without the outer cover though, just in case your pet tries to 'dig' and the rexine gets scratched / torn (depending on your pet's excitement).

I've kept the mattress such that the hard side is up, because I found the soft side a little too soft.

The delivery was a disappointment. I suggested Prazuchi to consider some other courier service as the packaging was almost completely torn by the time it reached me. Fortunately, the product itself wasn't effected thanks to the plastic packing on the mattress (I think Prazuchi did a great job of packing the product but the courier service was the culprit.) I wrote to Prazuchi and they've taken the feedback and working on this aspect.

I would recommend it if you are looking for a good mattress.
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