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3 September 2018
It is a bad time for this review. Nevertheless.
Most people do not endorse Arundhati Roy's political views but one doesn't need to,to appreciate one of the greatest stories ever created in modern times.

A total of 340 pages and not once did 'The God of Small Things' fall back on a filler line or two.Every single observation,every single personification asks to be marvelled at.

Like Shakespeare, she weaved magic into this , building on what would otherwise have been too ordinary to be put in a book,and in the process, following the footsteps of the bard quashed the Story Laws(as she would love to call it) that stated that Language has only so much in it to describe.

And like Tolstoy,she abstained herself from deceptions in the plotline and gave most of it far earlier than has been the norm. The only way one can give a spoiler from this book, is by giving someone else the whole book.

Yet,the reader would go through all the lines-re-read the gloomy foreboding, sing along the Malayalam rhymes and even do the reverse pronunciations like Estha and Rahel.The reader thoroughly enjoys being a slave to the writer.
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