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26 June 2019

Got the book to supplement the logical & mathematical aptitude of my kid who recently moved to class 2. Surely but not solely the purpose included exposure to IMO level too.Thus decided to check it out.


As the title suggests, the book is intended for class 2 kids & hence I ordered the same. The book was received quite fast just after three days of ordering.

Allow me to introduce you to the book to cover all the aspects under various heads:

βš€1. Book Binding :
This book is only available in paperback binding as expected for its cost. The main cover of the book is reasonably thick which is good from handling point of view.

⚁2. Size :
The book dimensions fare around 7.8 inches (Height ) by 5.5 inches ( Width ).Thickness is around 1 cm so it’s reasonably ok in size where you can expect bigger font size , bigger pictures & clear visibility.

βš‚3. Content :
This book is rated for kids in class 3 ie; age group 7+ which is age appropriate for my kid.

The book has in total around 72 pages & of which last 2-3 pages of each section hold the hints and explanations to each question of those sections .

The content is put up in an interesting & tricky way which is designed to push & shape your kids mental abilities beyond simple maths & logics.

The book has a diverse content & covers topics like Shapes and spatial understanding, Number sense, comparison of numbers, addition & subtraction, Multiplication , division, length weight and capacity, Time and calendar , pattern, fraction & money – all summed up under various mental drills

**** The hints & explanations included to derive at the answers after each section is really helpful.

Overall the content is quite diverse, mentally challenging & covers almost all the relevant topics of daily maths & logics that would surely help to face IMO or other such exams.

βšƒ4. Paper Quality/Durability:
The paper quality offered at the given price is just ok & by no means fragile. It may not be as smooth & shiny as hardcover editions but for a regular practice book its reasonably ok.

No significant print impressions overlap found on reverse pages .

βš„5. Real Life Photos / coloured Illustrations:
The book has Colored printing , the questions are drafted in maroon color & answers in black, further the content very attractive and not boring as with other books.

I always feel maths books must have some colors to avoid it becoming boring to read.

βš…6. Price :
The book comes with a price of 80 bucks which is very reasonable for the quality offered.

🚩Pros :
As a plus, I would just say it’s a great value for money which rightfully serves its intended purpose of promoting basic understanding of concepts related to mathematics and logical reasoning.

πŸ”…Cons .
None at this price point.


All in all , I would say I am highly satisfied by the diversified & mentally challenging content of the book for class III kid. Surely Recommended.
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