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4 June 2017
This review is regarding this specific Hardback edition of "The world as I see it" by Einstein,published by 'bnpublishing'. There are three reasons why one should avoid this book.

1)This is an abridged edition of the book. The original edition has essays by Einstein on Relativity & other subjects. This edition didn't have it. Now this is one reason to avoid this book.

2)This second reason is even more serious. The book is cheaply produced. By 'cheap' I didn't mean to refer to its physical appearance. The external appearance looks quite ok but the inside content is horrible. The book is divided into three chapters. And each chapters have subsections. And there is no mention of the topics/subjects discussed in the contents. So if you want to refer to this book for reference you have to look at the book page by page as there is no hints where the topic is. Worst of all there is no index. Chapter 1 is divided into 2 parts. Chapter 2 in 3 parts & finally chapter 3 in 5 parts. I really have no idea what's the point of this 'Parts' when even each parts have many topics under it.

3)Finally probably the worst part - the book is defective ! The book contains 107 pages(counting only the real content inside i.e. excluding extra blank pages etc.). The pages went normally from first one to page no.89, after that it suddenly jumps to page 97. From 97 it went to page 100 & again it starts from page 91 - 93. After this it starts from page 101-104. After that it starts from page 95-96. And finally it went from 104-107(the last page). You see what kind of poorly published book this is. Not only that , many of the pages have poor prints. Some of the words are barely visible as if you can expect from some cheap pirate edition ! All in all my experience of reading this book is a complete train wreck ! Avoid this book from this specific publisher.


Amazon list all of the review from the readers purchasing from different publishers in one page. So when one review a book please name the specific publisher that one is reviewing coz many famous book are published by different publishers like the one that I am reviewing. Some of them are brought out in perfect form. But some are brought out in a very cheap form. So when you give a positive or a negative review don't forget to name the publisher otherwise other original publishers which brought out books with great efforts will also be affected coz innocent customers will think that their book is also cheap coz Amazon list all of the reviews of the book from different publishers in the same page, I hope this will create awareness among the reviewers.

Thanks for reading my review.
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