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31 December 2015
I ordered the phone last night , I received it today morning . Amazon service is commendable and I recommend it to everyone . They do not dupe their customers by deleting their reviews , and most reviews are by verified customers .

Now for the phone. I have been using the one plus X purchased by my friend for a month almost , I was so impressed with it that I went ahead and bought one for myself. The phone looks premium , and I mean that in every sense of the word , the Gorilla glass front and back , the textured sides , the very tactile buttons , sturdy feel in hand , it leads you to believe that the phone costs a lot more than it actually is ,at 17000 it supercedes the build quality of any phone in this range .
The oxygen OS on the phone is a mildly modified version of Android , and it is faithful to stock Android and doesn't deviate much from it like the bundled and bloated UIs of Samsung HTC and the like , if you are a fan of the no nonsense Android UI ,you will love this phone . Apart from the one plus radio and swift key there aren't any bloat ware on the phone . Yes oxygen OS has some bugs like not being able to recognize your SD card , some lag on chrome and YouTube , but those have been fixed by the update I got the second I turned on my phone. Minor bugs might still be present but nothing that would be too noticeable.
The screen on this phone is it's USP , it has a full HD amoled display , which is bloody brilliant , the blacks are so inky and dark that you can't tell the difference between the display and the bezel when on a black wallpaper , to know what I mean , just play a 1080 p video on YouTube and see how wonderful it looks on this screen. The contrast ratios are mind blowing and I cannot see a single pixel on the screen. The phone comes with a back cover , a screen protector already on and a standard charger with a Data cable. The data cable is a flatwire and is of Superior quality. The packaging has been thought through and it feels premium right out of the box .
Now for the cons , the battery is on the weaker side , it will last you a working day , but you will definitely have to charge it by 7-8 if you use 3g or WiFi and make about 10 calls a day .
The phone does tend to heat mildly , not as much as the negative reviews suggest ,but enough to know that the phone is warmer in the hand ,
This might be nitpicking but the phone does not come with a headphone. Most of us have one anyway and even if they did the headphones couldn't be any great.

I recommend this highly to anyone who is looking for a mid range budget phone which does most things well and some things fantastically.
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