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2 November 2018
As a tech and apple enthusiast : This is one beautiful piece of tech and engineering marvel . From its seem less design to its attention to minute details (thx to the designing team behind it) , it will force you to agree that its insane price tag is justified the moment you hold it . I can never believe myself of how much my views have changed about this product and Apple from it release to the moment I had it in my hands .

Well if you want to know specs and comparisons well you have youtube , there are plenty of reviews there but if you are ready to buy such an expensive piece without selling your kidney then those reviews and comparisons don't matter to you I guess .

My review :
Camera : trustworthy , reliable , takes very aggressive HDR shots at times but generally neutral with its performance , you will find yourself editing the pictures a lot and I never complained it as I love doing it and when the base material is so detailed and accurate to begin with that you never lose any significant amount of quality after many editing cycles .
Battery : Respectable AF ! Never expected this from a sub par capacity battery , while it is not the best , its at a very respectable position for sure , it surely will surprise you once you use it .
Speed : The king of phones in speed period .
Design : 10/10

Negatives - Face ID doesn't work in landscape , Charges slow .
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