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19 August 2015
Delivery in a day is the first thing that I'm impressed with. Amazon always lives up to my expectations in terms of Delivery.

After one week of usage, I felt very good that I want to share how I have overcome the problems which I faced with conventional gardening.Living in an apartment and dreaming of having variety of plants around me is a great but involves lot of effort.

People often complain not to place mud pots on the side of steps; when they are watered, the excess water with mud used to spoil the marble steps. Mahagro's potting mix will just leave the excess water as it is.

I used to make sure that I have to water my plants every morning. The water retention capability of potting mix gives freedom from watering everyday. Now I Water the plants bi-weekly.

The potting mix is very light to carry and doesn't stick to hands like black soil or red soil does. Now I can carry my pots easily and shift some bigger plants to my terrace effortlessly. Thanks to Mahagro for the manufacturing the product keeping ergonomics in mind.
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3.9 out of 5 stars
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