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28 July 2016
The Reviewer's thought of this book….

Before I give my take on this book I would have to first honestly declare that I am not a Wiccan or Pagan worshiper as the westerners term it. I am a follower of Hinduism and I found many rituals of Paganism close to home. Coming to Texas, I came across many people following theis mode of life and this started fascinating me. More than the religion it was the closet outlook towards this religion which fascinated me. I started questioning the reasonings behind the logic of not practicing it freely. Solitary practitioners are what they are called.

I am a Hindu and a proud one at that. So if I want to worship a tree how does it make me less religious? I believe in idol worship and I certainly worship the Sun, the Moon, the Mountains, the Trees but most of all I believe in Humans. Does that make me a Pagan? To me – to each is own…….

When I got this book via Netgallery, I hesitated for a second. My blog has been always about romantic book or of the drama genre. Do I have the guts and knowledge to do this? Guts yes. Knowledge –no.. But I wanted to do this. I wanted to learn more about the secrets behind paganism. So here is my humble review.

The Author, Alaric Albertsson, has laid down the different celebrations of paganism in simple term. How you follow it depends on your lifestyle. There are no hard and fast rules to Paganism but how you adopt it in your daily life. For example, ‘The Anglo Saxon gave offering to Weoh, the early Romans honored their family Numina, the Greeks to goddess Hestia….”[ I will shut up now before I am sued for plagiarism :)]

What astounded me about this book was the knowledge of the author regarding the subject. His detailed description regarding all the paths followed and why they are followed. He being in the Saxon path, is quite unbiased while sharing his knowledge.

Starting with the Dedication rite to the making of your own wheat bread, from the seven steps of Paganism to herb growing- he covers it all.

Let me warn my reader here of one thing. If it is a flirty interest you have towards Paganism, this book might not for you. There is no hocus focus, no twisting the truth and nothing which deals with magic. Just a way of life- the pagan path. For those who are serious about this paganism or writers who want to know more about this path life,[ yes there are people out there who read anything religious from Osho to Buddha, From Marxism to Cunningham] this book gives you a detailed view how a Pagan would live his or her life in the everyday life.
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