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24 August 2019
Exactly what is ok with democracy?

If majority elects a government, it automatically becomes a majoritarian state.


Because, the authors needed to mourn the power their ideology is losing all over the world and India being a multicultural country where wild horses are allowed to roam as freely as those with their tight, too close to the eyes blinders is a great patsy. If we go by what the authors in this book are trying to say, practically the few non-democratic states in existence only fit their coveted bill.

Authoritarian, elitist state is ok?

It would seem so, judging from the data they have loaded up here to show that (and rant about/at) the voters who brought BJP in power are majority and majority cannot elect a democratic government if it is not driven by a particular ideology (or is sympathetic to that ideology).

What the hell? When a democracy is democracy? You vote for one party and then you must continue voting for that party only, no matter what? You cannot think different. You cannot look for options, let alone choose them. You are stuck. Is that democracy? Nope. It’s hadocracy from which no one can go back once entered. By this logic, any government towing the line the authors are tethered to would be majoritarian if democratically elected. No wonder they root for a minoritarian state!

Clearly, democracy doesn’t work that way. Oligarchy does. Pedantocracy does. For the latter allow for guiding the narrative, controlling the optics, setting up—and establishing—a discourse in the political space, spinning (or, as our comrades are very adept at, twisting) the reality. They serve to pamper the megalomania. They let the select few to wallow in the intellectual glory they have conjured up among themselves and enforce others to accept it. They don’t allow for alternatives, for the voice of dissent, for a different perspective, for a change, for the dialectic to continue beyond the antithesis, for a role reversal.

What exactly is democracy? An ignorant, self-serving, stagnant vote bank constantly on the increase? A biased power play? Rooting for dystopic utopias? Indifferent voters, the “silent majority,” millions of them?

India had been that for decades.

Is the decadent atavistic thinking taking its toll here? Calling a democratically elected, constitutionally formed state a majoritarian state? Denigrating the thinking capacity of the people, denying them (their right to choose, and caterwauling) because they choose different by exercising their constitutional right? The same Constitution these armchair cerebrators rush to hold up if it serves their purpose? Practically always to singularly cite the constitutional appendage which is a part of the 42nd Amendment of 1976. An appendage that, for them, always trumps every other article, every other section of the Constitution concerning the majority. Even the Preamble.

Bashing the majority by invoking it every now and then is their favourite pastime now as in a changed world they find themselves irrelevant and have nothing else to do but waste resources.
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