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11 February 2019
To be brief, I find it useless. But read on to find out why. I bought it because it looks incredible, physically. However: - When in standby mode, the screen degrades the quality and the faces look low res. - When used with iPhone, there are no good watch faces at all. Seriously.
The only good watch face is one that comes stock that has 2 circles on the sides, one with the weather and one with sunrise/sunset time. I want a watch that does the following: Looks amazing and manly, shows the time at all times, shows the weather, shows steps, shows calories burned, displays notifications and the rest is optional. - It has an always on display but it only lasts 1 day with it on. - It now has a continuous heart rate, but if you have this feature on, it will die before you go to bed. - It has GPS tracking but it will die in less than a day with it on - It has sleep tracking but there will be no battery left to track your sleep, so you'll likely charge it at night. - It has no map app, no GPS directions, you can't use it to guide you around. - The cool spinning gear, gets rotated due to rubbing on clothes and that triggers the watch to wake up, distracting you and other people, wasting extra battery, etc.
I emailed Samsung about it and they included an option to disable the gear from waking up the watch in the latest software. One feature that it does great is take phone calls from your wrist.
The speaker is loud and clear, but who makes phone calls anymore? So I have used this feature less than 5 times in 1 year. Another feature that's great is being able to play music right off the watch on it's built in speaker. I love this ability but there don't seem many opportunities to use it as I'd rather use headphones on the go and a bluetooth speaker at home. And finally, it's just too big!
A standard men watch is 42mm, this is 46mm and it's quite high too due to it's rotating bezel. While I've gotten used to it's size, my clothes haven't. Dress shirts will feel tight around your wrist with the watch on and your wrist will hurt when you wear a winter jacket that's tight around the wrists to keep you warm. Nowadays, it just sits in it's charger and I don't have much opportunity to use it.
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