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26 October 2017
I bought this set intending to gift it, however when the package arrived, on 'wise counsel' of a standerby I opened to check if everything is intact and in once piece. I thought of putting it back together after 'examining' but once I saw what was inside I decided (and declared) that an opened package voids its gift-ability. This aforementioned act was basically a measure to keep the set for my own use, given it was too good to be gifted away, specially at the price it came for.
By now I could convincingly seem cheap, but in this case, quite worthwhile. The MRP on the box read almost 4 times what it cost, but seeing the quality of the wares inside, it won't be totally unlikely for people buying it at the full price too.
Cutting to the important stuff, the plates are weighty as they should be, have a very smooth spotless white finish with a sizeable raised lip that protrudes just right. The well is the correct depth, specially good for liquid/ flowly foods. The base has a rim concaving to the middle with just brand logo and hot/cold specs.
Truly simple, truly basic yet highly highly durable.
Plus, with its flattish design, plates stack atop each other without piling into a heap, so you can easily fit a dozen into standard storage space.
Have been using since a week, no problems at all with using in a microwave oven. I can't think of any reasons they won't be fine in the freezer, but haven't tried yet.

For those looking to buy dinnerware or even for some casual kitchen shopping, at its price you can easily buy this half dozen set without slightest chance of going wrong anywhere.
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