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11 April 2019
I picked this book randomly as I was curious about the title "Three Thousand Stitches".

Few things that I take home from this Book:

1. Author has seen 365 movies in one year. Well, if we put the fun part aside, it shows how far the perfectionists go if they are genuinely interested in something. This is quite a feat for a person outside the film industry. Now, I don't mean it to watch 365 movies in a year, but whatever you are interested in, go deeper before you quit and jump to something else. Many of us might not be putting full effort before we quit on seeing few obstacles and end up in forever unsuccessful loops.

2. The problems a Foundation faces. I never imagined that some people who apply for grants from a Foundation can threaten the Foundation if the funds released are not as per their expectations/applied amount. First of all, they forget that they are the beneficiaries and still they demand as if it is their right, without showing any work in their proposed project.

3. AA. From this Book, I came to know, it meant Alcoholics Anonymous. I felt pain when I read the stories of addicts. Next time, when you see a person who drinks too much, maybe within your own family or friends or relatives, please don't judge them. Remember they are addicts and anyone could have been in that place, no matter rich or poor. Recognise it as addiction problem, rather than maligning the person's character. Help them to quit with AA mentioned in the Book.

4. Also, before you give your smartphone to child without any time limits, please think that you may be making him an addict knowingly/unknowingly. Addiction need not be just alcohol and definitely not only for adults. Side effect of all time spent on mobile, instead of playing outside is: Child obesity, Beware!

5. Before you tell stories to children, please remember that they can understand and modify it according to their own perceptions. So, choose proper stories before you tell :).

6. Do Pranayama. It helps to reduce your anxiety and lets you calm down.
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