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7 January 2019
Format - Paperback
The book "The Journey" is written by Tarun Deep Singh, an IT professional cum writer. Book was published from #becomeshakespeare in the year 2018, contains 153 pages including the appendix. It has Six chapters and five appendixes.

About the book: It is a philosophical journey of seeking the ultimate truth of life. What is heaven and what's hell! In the beginning of every chapter there is a synopsis that helps reader to get a detailed view of the chapter. Every pages contain footnotes, mentions and detailed analysis of every word.

Chapter one comes with the idea of 'Fallen one' and "The fallen one"! The difference is that, The fallen one has already realized it's his Maximum fall and he stops himself from any further fall. Concept might be tough to understand and hence the author tried to explain everything with simple yet perfect examples. Here he gives the idea of what is heaven or hell. Whether it is an imaginary place created by a group of people who himself weren't able to perform certain act and hence named it accordingly. Or it was by a particular set of people who imposed the terms in order to restrain common man from performing those.

Chapter two is about the ongoing war between the light and the dark. Darkness itself presents as hell. And hell is indeed the noises in our life. Be it physical, biological (such as cancer), noise in out thoughts that prevents us from thinking something productive or positive, noises in our conflicts of our daily life or evil power of a rumor. Suffering of hell can come with any of the above. Not necessarily in our afterlife!

Chapter three adds more light to the discussion. What should one do? Go and surrender to the fallen one or keep struggling with it! There must be something that will constantly guide and show path to a better world. This is called faith. But faith is not an easy thing to build. It needs total surrender and complete omitting of doubts. Faith is all about surrendering to the eternal light, rather than artificial lights! And faith doesn't come overnight! Faith is the only thing that can control our conscious mind from temptations, yet still cannot merge them totally.

Chapter Four or the answer of "Who am I?" The further one go the more he will know his actual identity. This chapter contains few tables and charts of how a seeker and a fallen one differs in their way of thinking. The author also brings the concept of duality and how it is associated with our journey and faith.

Chapter Five is the discussion about what is death. Is it the biggest lie? Where finishing a race gives us feel of pleasure and pride, death, which is nothing less than the ultimate race of our life makes us anxious. We are afraid of death, we try to fool it! That is actually the biggest stupidity.

Chapter Six : The selfless warrior- Consciousness at higher level: the book ends with this discussion. At the moment when one defeats the fear of death and accepts it as a part of journey, the warrior is born. He will war against the evil. There is raised level of consciousness! He's not the seeker anymore. He's now the light! To guide others. He's "His own".

(1) Coming to the plot, as I told above, it's not everyone's cup of tea to be the warrior. But what we can do is trying to seek the truth of our journey. The book is an eye-opener. Though very difficult to understand at times but the appendix and the footnotes help a reader to understand it clearly. I'll rate- 4/5

(2) Language and grammar- Standard of choosing word is high. Though at times very easily said. For this, 3.5/5

(3) Cover- It could have been better. A 3.5/5

(4)Blurb- Blurb is perfect. Goes well with the content and easy to understand. 5/5

What I like in the book is -

(A) All the quotations from Grantha Sahib and from Kabir's writings. They're very appropriate, relevant and helps a reader a lot!
(B) Charts and diagrams given in each chapters that help to content to be properly established.

So, my personal opinion, the book is a must read of you're interested to know your journey. Just relax and pick the book. Keep a notebook at your hand. You can make notes and self made diagrams to understand it properly.
Final remark : 4/5
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