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29 March 2019
On the outside, Tara leads a perfect life. A home of her own, a handsome husband, a doting son and a promising career as an author.

But inside, she is a wreck. Her marriage is a sham and she hasn't succeeded in forgetting her one true love, Manu, the man she had wronged. The man she had almost married.

Manu, now the senior editor with a science portal, firmly believes that he has left Tara where she belonged-in his past. But in reality, he hasn't forgotten anything. Not the love nor the hurt.

Their past and present collide when they accidentally meet in Chennai. The city has come to a standstill after facing the worst flood in a century. While nature is unleashing its fury on humans, they must make peace with their past.
Will they have the courage to do that?
Can they fight the attraction that still burns bright?
Or will the bunch of people they are with, teach them new life lessons?
What is the secret that is burning Tara from within?
My Take:
The story pulls you in from the word go. The moment I read the blurb I was sure of getting into a journey of connect, romance and love. Something about the way the author presented the story connects to you. So many layers of emotions and characters entwined together. You feel them, love them, hate them but can't ignore them.
A love story , but full of emotional roller coaster ride, almost like watching a movie. Using the Chennai Flood backdrop makes it more intensive. Your heart goes out for all people in that disaster situation. You can feel their despair and pain.
Madhu and Tara, had a past a very emotional and sensitive one at that. Tara, now a successful blogger goes to Chennai for her book launch only to come face to face with her long lost love. Not the ones to be confronted they wish to avoid each other, but fate has other plans. They both get struck together in the floods. How they resolve their misunderstandings, who played villain and catalyst in their budding romance and how they deal with the aftermaths form the story.

I loved the pace of the story, the language used and the way the story is intertwined with the various emotions and characters. My heart went out to the lead characters and Aryan. Hated the husband Kartik for what he did and how very cleanly he did what he did.

I would rate this 4/5.
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4.6 out of 5 stars
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