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23 September 2018
Recieved the book on a weekend .Started reading and finished it within a day.

Anyone just can connect to the story. The story talks about sibling bonding, friendship which has been shown beautifully through letters.

Veda the main protagonist who is strong willed & determined yet timid & passive stands out very well throughout the book and the reader can relate to the character. It can be any individual in general who follows all the rules and struggles to stand up for themselves due to societal conditioning.

Her sudden unplanned marriage,initial marriage troubles,deteriorated performances in academics,the societal conditioning she was brought up with due to which she keeps mum when she is being humiliated in order to adhere to her rules. How she steps out of her comfort zone and breaks the rules & discovers herself is the crux of the story.

How she overcomes it in the end has been described beautifully.

Quotes like 'Carve Your Path' and many other thoughtful sentences are just very simple yet so deep.

The other part in the story is SANKALP an organisation which tries to do it's bit to help children from poor families which is the turning point in Veda's story which describes the struggles,challenges the school children from the poor families go through to educate themselves. Just moves you so much and sub consciously motivates to contribute for their well being.

The challenges,efforts the trio Kanika,Veda and Ron go through to stabilise and keep it going to ensure students benefit till the end to achieve their goal of 100% results of Class 10 is just terrific. Kanika's character as a no-nonsense,firm yet sensitive and a sympathetic is terrific.

Best Sequence in the story : The confrontation with the Inquiry Committee.

Best characters in the story : Veda, Vidya,Kanika,Bhuwwan

Funny characters in the story : Ron(his troubles to get used to Indian culture during his stay in Pune), Sanju.

Exceptional,thoughtful,realistic & terrific writing by Preeti Shenoy.
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