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24 July 2018
Very happy with the product because of its exceptional sound and wonderful finish,i've been playing guitar for 8 years and wanted to try my hand at some other easy instruments so i thought of ukulele.i'm truly very pleased that I chose this ukulele as my starter is just about perfect in almost every way imaginable,except for the part that it cannot be connected electrically to amplify it or record it using laptops.


- all the strings hold their tuning for a reasonable amount of time,as opposed to other cheaper ukuleles where i have seen users complaint about strings going out of tune very easily,this instrument seems to work just fine. yeah the E string initally had a bit of a problem of going out of tune,but it got resolved as i played along ( have been playing it daily for over 40 days now).

-the body of the ukulele looks quite solid,and the headstock seems to be holding the pegs quite firmly,the strings are wound pretty tight and secure around the bridge and the tension is just perfect

- due to good quality nylon strings being used in the ukulele,it is very easy on your fingers and for any experienced guitar player,adjusting to the ukulele will take minimal effort.the only slight problem could be narrower frets compared to a guitar but you eventually get used to it.

-the sound of this ukulele is top notch and i've been able to somewhat emulate some really good songs on it in no time,since the sound of the uke is really bright and is more encouraging for a new learner to continue practicing and learning the nuances of ukulele.

- kala's makala series is its subsidiary line of ukuleles which aims at providing good beginner ukuleles to people,and it does that to perfection because this is one of the best ukuleles available online that a beginner could have as their first ukulele.


- the first and foremost thing being its price,it is slightly on the higher end when compared to some of the other beginner ukuleles online,but i think it's an investment worth the extra money because it is leaps and bounds ahead of other cheaper ukuleles available,so my advice would be to save up some more and try buying this instead of a cheaper ukulele.

- It can be a bit difficult to position and awkward to handle while playing ,but once you get used to it,it's not a problem anymore.

-tuning pegs are plastic and must be handled with care,and so should be the ukulele on the whole,i'd suggest buying a gig bag according to the ukulele size you buy.

- comes with no accessories along with the ukulele,which is a bit of a disappointment. it should have atleast included some ukulele plectrums.anyway the uke plays equally well with the hands so it's an optional thing if you wanna buy any uke accessories. i will personally hold off till i feel any real need of a plectrum or a capo. no need of a tuner either since it gets tuned pretty well with some of the mobile apps available in playstore.

FINAL OPINION: If you really wanna invest in your ukulele and think you'd be playing it for a considerable amount of time and want to be somewhat good at it.i think you should look over cheaper options and buy this(soprano ukulele) as a beginner uke for yourself ,especially if your budget is around 3.5-5 k . this uke from kala fits the bill perfectly and would not disappoint you whilst playing.
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