Raavan: Enemy of Aryavarta (Ram Chandra Series - Book 3) mens fashion Mobile Mama Bear

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26 May 2019
Sometimes a particular book, because of the way it puts its message, ends up influencing more. That was the case with this book.  5 key takeaways

1. Reply with a pause, irrespective of whether you agree or not. Pause shows that you have thought about the issue. But don’t pause too long, as that would indicate hesitation and indecisiveness.

2. Set the stage as per the occasion. If it is a business setting, start in a business tone and point. If it is a friendly setting, start likewise. People move up or down basis the way you set the stage.

3. Act as if you expect them to act the way you want.

4. Slip suggestion past their ego, and it is more likely to be acted and followed up on.

5. Don’t ever be sarcastic. It might get a momentary laugh in a group, but the person won’t forget.

The author has written another book too “Skill with People”. After reading both, I found this better than that one.  
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