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18 June 2017
he Story.....

Emma was an ordinary girl with ordinary day to day life. She had a loving set of parents [adoptive],who doted on her. A best friend who was inseparable from her. School life and hiking seemed to fill up her days. She was happy till she did not meet James. It was after that she found out that she was not so ordinary.

She felt James was the ultimate answer to any girl's prayer and even in her wildest dream she did not imagine he would be interested in her. Much to her surprise not only was he interested in her but he was also ready to fight for her affection. For James did have to fight for her as he faces Simon, a mysterious stranger who seemed to be shadowing Emma everywhere.

Emma was drawn towards both James and Simon. The former she loved and the later she felt compelled to ask for help every time she faced a problem. And boy did she have problems!!!

First she feels uneasy, a prenomination of an impending gloom, then she falls in love with both James and Simon. That is enough for a girl to go berserk but here she was stunned upon discovering that she was a witch- and not an ordinary witch at that- An Amulet.[The indestructible witch]. With this huge discovery comes many new enemies. Both the good and evil camp want her on their side.

Could she choose a side? How would her relationship with James and Simon be resolved? Will The Wicked finally destroy her? These are some of the questions which make this book quite a page turner.

My Views....

Twilight has sucked me in into the world of paranormal. I can honestly say that reading The Amulet has not disappointed me. Thank god there was no blood gushing out of someone or people saying cheers with an antique goblet filled with blood!

In fact it is rather sweet. The relationship between the three characters [Emma, James and Simon] was rather sweet and complex. Though I found it a bit tedious by the way Emma was being indecisive about them both,[though I don't blame her, they were both gorgeous.:)]

The story has good build up which would keep the readers turning the page. There is also a good visualization presented by the author,[ or was it my overactive imagination?]

I loved Simon's character- silent, powerful, warm and always there for Emma.[ of course that was his job.] But on the whole he became the main character I wanted to follow in this story.
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