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Reviewed in India on 27 January 2019
The Legacy of Nothing was a simple and short read. Primarily about:
1. a struggling musician who is ready to ride on any cause for fame
2. a girl in love with a man who makes her a part of a new age role play (what? what does this even mean?
3. a phoney who signs a book translation deal with the world's greatest author
4. a story of Americanization that has a rippling effect on a girl in Delhi
5. a Maoist from Nepal who finds solace in a sip of Coca Cola in Delhi
6. a victim of identity politics who is forced by fate to change his sex (is he, really?)
7. a town caught in identity crisis makes a hero out of a reality TV show contestant
8. an online romance that climaxes into a reality that is nothing short of gallows humor
9. a music teacher from a reputed school whose life begins and ends in a trash bin
10. a boy who takes his life for granted meets with an inconclusive result at a film subtitling firm

Reading all of this, I sit and wonder why on earth did I even pick up this book. It is far too pretentious for my sake, far too demeaning and just, too negative. Things happen that do not make sense and I'm just left wondering what on earth is even going on. I guess that is what happens when the blurb and the cover do not reveal anything.

Technically, this book is a poetry book. Or rather a collection of stories written in the form of a poetry, but not for a single second did I feel that way. First off, none of these stories were as close to showing "the eggshell of contemporary existence" as the blurb claimed. They were rather too strange and definitely downgrading to humanity as a whole. Now someone might say that such things probably do happen but I am not aware of them. What I have to say in that reply is this: "Yes, such things probably do happen. What degraded everything for me was the author's writing style."

Now, like I said, this book has no poetic lines. They were just sentences that even I (and I'm no poet) would use in my assignments. Just sentences broken down into paragraphs where each sentence is a different paragraph.

So you might see why this book bothered me and why it is a 2 star for me, don't you?
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