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1 March 2019
1) Toshiba's case feels strong V/S Segate case feels weak

2) Toshiba's entire weighs is 152 grams V/S Segate's entire weighs 123 grams

3) In the inside, Toshiba's HDD weighs 110 grams V/S In the inside, Segate's HDD weighs 88 grams

i.e.) Therefore, Toshiba's case weight is 42 grams V/S Segate's case weight is 35 grams

4) Toshiba's USB cable is old fashioned and the quality is good with thicker wire V/S Segate's USB cable looks trendy but the quality is poor with thinner wire

5) Inside the case, Toshiba's HDD has 4 rubber shock-absorbers inside V/S Inside the case, Segate HDD does not have any shock-absorbers

6) Inside the case, Toshiba's USB PIN is large and good quality V/S Inside the case, Segate's USB PIN is small and poor quality

7) Toshiba's HDD is slightly thicker V/S Segate's HDD is slightly thinner

8) In the inside, The overall Toshiba HDD's built is really very good, anybody can tell V/S In the inside, The overall Segate HDD's built is really very bad, anybody can tell

9) My Toshika is about 5 years old and its almost 95% full and its running very well V/S My Segate is about 2 years old and it was almost 65% full when it stopped functioning

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Segate has compromised largely on quality. Please please please DO NOT BUY their Hdd, you will feel totally devastated when you will permanently loose all of your important data suddenly one day.

For more serious first-hand knowledge about built quality, you could go to a computer store and compare a "segate laptop HDD" with "other company's laptop HDD"
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