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15 April 2018
I talked to customer service for following queries I asked for, to him
1) GST invoice bill for warranty claim of 3 years from manufacturers.
2) the Serial number printed on bill supplied by amazon along with product ,not matching with any number printed on Product.
For first he replied that you can get when you change to business account.I have no GST number and I am not busennesing,I am only end customer then How and Why I register for business account.customer should get original tax paid bill too.
For second he replied that online product do not have product serial number and your bill is original and warranty claim with it.he may not assist me getting product serial number.i know bill is original BUT it is orignal for which product.product serial number and that number should be on bill Only then chain will complete.when I go to service center in future ,service centre will right if he say this bill does not belong to this product.i called service centre delhi ,he also said product number should matching on both bill and product only then I take claim for warranty Here is reason why we not accept warranty claim of Online products.
Mr abhijit assist was terrible he talks like boss and willing that I understand and obey what he is saying.
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