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3 December 2018
It is a great option, its Dell after all. The buts being the keys feel very mushy, they aren't as clicky as you would expect them to be. The placement of keys is a lil different, takes time getting used to; it is my second day with it and I still miss keys here and there. Specially cause there is a 'Fn' key on the left after 'Ctrl' which shifts 'Alt' key to the right more than anyone is used to; this makes me press windows key all the time. The keyboard has no indication for Caps Lock and Num Lock, makes sense they wanted to save battery; but it does get annoying while typing passwords!

The mouse on the other hand is great! No complaints about it whatsoever. The mouse it self is very light, battery adds to its weight which is very adequate.

You can't actually go wrong with this at this price point. But there is a lot of getting used to involved here!

PS: I used an OTG with my phone and connected the dongle supplied, both mouse and keyboard worked just fine. So this is a super compatible device. There is no lag or latency in mouse or keyboard.
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