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25 August 2018
Updated review: when I first wrote the review it was just a week into practicing Swamiji's way of curing depression. For most part I was still sad and used to worry and cry a lot (read - my world was coming to an end). I hated waking up in the morning and every second until 4pm felt like living a year in just under half a day. And my head and thoughts were all over the place (only thing I was short of doing was ending my life). But I stuck on and now almost 4months into practicing the steps detailed by Swamiji... I am actually in a happy place. I did the practice whether I felt like it or not - most days I cried through the practice. Asking myself the question why am I even doing this if I am not getting any kinda positive results, as it took almost 40 days of religious practice to see the first signs of results.

What did I do? - firstly I had mild to moderate depression. Where therapy did not help much and my therapist suggested I meet psychiatrist and he prescribed me antidepressants. One things I was sure of was I didn't want to take antidepressants as I knew mine was a case of extreme sadness - just a point in life where everything I knew had kinda gone wrong. Which led to this... And I was very sure I didn't want to take antidepressants, so my only option was natural remedy (though at one point I did take the 1 tablet split between 2days - as I had almost given up and wanted a fix to my problems. My therapist convinced me that I could take for a month and stop. But I stopped the second day and stopped seeing the therapist too). And read and re-read this book and Swamiji's blog like a gospel... Hoping against hope for a natural cure.

Okay I digressed - but it was important info. So, what did I do and still continue to practice:
1. Change in diet: Turned vegetarian - added lots of greens and stuck to whole foods. Had mangoes, banana and oranges. And all other things mentioned in the book. Stopped onion, garlic for over 2months. No fried food, tea, coffee, processed food and sugar. Boy oh boy that was hard - I am a foodie. But if your keen to turn around a situAtion you will find ways to do things and I was desperate as I was sick and tired of myself.
2. Yoga - just the 3 asanas mentioned in the book. Started with 10 suryanamaskars. Today I do 108 (day 66).
Walking/running - 40minutes everyday.
3. Different meditations mentioned in the book. In addition the forgiveness meditation and candle meditation.
4. Journaling and affirmations.
5. Just sleep at 10pm (another point in the book). Just sleep. Does not matter you get sleep or not. Idea is a routine.
Small things (ahhh, will feel like climbing mount Everest) adds up.
6. Lastly I love to cook - so I cooked my meals (again during that time I didn't want to cook either... Everything I loved to do stopped being so and life became a tiresome chore)
7. Have faith - focus on the breath and feel the beauty of it. I had faith in Swamiji's way because if he didn't think it won't work he would never share it in the first place. And I can't thank him enough for penning this book (eternally grateful to him). I would even go on to say faith is the first thing you need to have and rest follows. At one point (coming from me when on most days I wanted to end my life) I actually felt that this breath is a beautiful thing. And if we do not breathe the next one it's all over. All our hopes and dreams are dependent on this breath. So enjoy the breath and how each breath fills you with life.

RESULTS: on most days I am happy and at peace with where I am in life at the moment.

Fear is just fear while reality is much more pleasant. Because when your fearful you can't really find a solution to your problem because it's not real. Worst case scenario your fear does come true - you can act on it and find a solution. So did sit and brood over your fears. Instead focus on this moment (I know it's very hard - I still struggle with it).

Take Away: do what Swamiji is suggesting and stick with it and trust me you will slowly start to feel better. On most days (especially if you're struggling with depression or going through a sad phase in life) you won't feel like doing (as all you want to do is sit and think and solve the problem in your head). You cannot solve the problem by thinking doing is your only answer. Just do it even if it's just for half hour and you will start to feel better and emerge stronger.

This book has helped me at time when I was going through a very difficult phase in my life. It has given me an insight on why we do certain things-certain way. It's just been a week since I started the practice.
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