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13 July 2019
I chanced upon this book while a random book search on Amazon. While I don’t really have a thing for mythology, there was something about this one that made me go ahead and pick it up for a read. And I wasn’t disappointed. This is one of the few books that presents Eklavya as the protagonist. We all know the story of Eklavya, his dedication and his sacrifice. Gaurav here takes an artistic plunge into what may have been the mindset and the character of the man behind the myth. The story is engaging, with unpredictable twists, and revelations. His presentation of Eklavya as a sullied village boy, a brave warrior and a learned scholar with single minded focus starts off well but loses its charm after a bit. The character of Eklavya doesn’t really evolve. He remains consistent as a person. While his life is shaken multiple times by calamities, so much so that he is on the verge of suicide, there is a no defining moment that provides a new shape to his character. He is resilient and picks up the threads to start afresh; but as a reader I would have liked more depth and breadth to his character. Tara as Eklavya’s love interest is subtle and yet powerful.
Gaurav uses what he does not say to emphasis what he means; which is any author’s dream forte. Like his use of Mohammed and Mahavir to convey significant messages.
Overall, the book is a good and easy read. Recommended reading for those into period and mythology books.
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4.6 out of 5 stars